Additionally applies a Silk debuff on targets leaving silk trails behind enemies.

  • The Silk debuff would strengthen her role of a counter to invisibility users in an innovative way, along with the other skills.


Reworked into Silk Threads. Arachna weaves silk threads in between trees / structures which give slight vision in the area. Upon crossing these, enemy heroes receive a tapering slow and the Silk debuff. Arachna’s spidery senses tingle (custom spider-looking ping on the mini-map) when she catches a prey. She receives bonus MS (scaling with levels) going towards the triggered silk trap. Also scales with number of silk traps.

  • Silk Threads would keep a defensive purpose (be aware of incoming ganks) yet help her find preys, playing on her huntress fantasy better.
  • Spider-focused designs which do not involve actual web trapping give me the sads.
  • Additional utility (anti-gang feature of the web) could also make her less one-dimensional and increase her strategical value.


Now gives a percent truestrike to Arachna and allies (reduced values compared to Arachna’s), allowing supposedly missed attacks to deal a % of their initial damage instead of the full damage. On-attack effects do not trigger from true strikes < 50%. Allies would only benefit from such a percentage at level 4.

  • This makes it possible to scale it with the ability’s level unlike retail’s iteration.


Reworked into Spider Sack. Throws a spider sack on target location which explodes, covering nearby enemies with so much silk that invisible units are revealed for a duration. Applies a strong physical slow (MS/AS) and the Silk debuff. A spiderling (identical mechanics) spawns at the location and attacks enemies with the Silk debuff. It can switch to another debuffed target if its original target dies prematurely.

  • Skillshot version of current spell, potentially reducing the frustration when it comes to play against Arachna.
  • Encourages Arachna to commit a bit to refresh Silk on her targets in order to use the Spider optimally.
  • Silk Thread > Spider Sack aimed at the silk trail could lead to interesting counterplay against invisibility users.

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